Each resident has an attending physician who will direct his/ her care. The physician meets with your loved one shortly after admission and on a regular basis. We offer on-site dental, podiatry, and optometry services. Psychiatry and Psychology consults are also available to your loved one.


Each of our nursing units are carefully managed by a nurse manager, who directs a team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. Our RNs and LPNs administer your medications and provide treatments as ordered by your physician. A primary CNA has been assigned to assist you with your personal care needs to the extent necessary, including bathing, grooming, feeding, toileting, and transferring between your bed and chair. Our nursing team will involve you and your family in assessing and planning your care, and making sure that your treatment needs are being addressed.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy:

Whether you need physical therapy for your recent hip, knee or back surgery, time to recover from a fall or help dealing with a medical condition, our short-term inpatient therapy experience is the key. Our facility is recognized as having the most clinically advanced therapy departments in Buffalo. Our expert therapists create a customized treatment plan and work with the resident to rebuild strength and improve range of motion, helping to regain functional mobility. Our entire team supports our residents’ wishes to return to their daily routines at home and get back to doing what they love!

Dietary Services:

Our registered dietician and diet technician oversee the preparation and planning of all meals, and provide nutritional assessments and counseling. All meals are prepared and served by qualified food service staff. Your loved one has a choice of menu items for each meal, and our staff assists with making selections. Meals are served individually to each resident in the unit dining room for a fine dining experience. Snacks and beverages are available at any time.

Social Services:

Our social worker provides clinical case management based on individual care planning needs. Your social worker is available daily for counseling you and your family on issues related to your stay, personal and financial resources, and planning a safe re-entry into the community. Psychiatry and Psychology consults are also available to your loved one.


Our team of activities staff provides a variety of activities to meet residents’ individual, social, leisure and spiritual interests. Group programs are offered seven days a week, as well as some evenings. The activity’s calendar of events is posted monthly in the Lobby and on each unit. Family members are invited to all scheduled activities programs. An Ombudsman is assigned to our Facility as a personal advocate to assure that your resident rights are protected and to address your individual concerns.

Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance:

Our housekeeping, laundry and maintenance staff assures that the facility is clean, safe and well maintained. Resident rooms and public areas are cleaned daily. Personal laundry is performed in-house and is delivered every weekday. Our staff will assist with bagging soiled laundry and returning clean laundry to your room, unless the family prefers to launder resident’s laundry at home.