Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home has a specialized group of activities program, tailored to meet every individual’s needs. It consists of:

  • bingo,
  • cooking
  • exercise
  • manicures
  • various religious services
  • matinees
  • cocktail parties
  • and entertainment programs.

Our residents are never bored at Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home and we cater for every taste and preference.

We provide one on one programs for residents who prefer not to attend activities in a group setting. This is also one of our strengths. Our activities staff have been individually trained on different sensory programs for the residents at Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home with advancing stages of Alzheimer’s and other diseases as well. Sensory activities include singing softly to residents, or playing soft music, reading old stories that these individuals would relate to and reminiscing with them. Sometimes just talking to the patients and residents make them feel at ease and calms their nervous system.

Williamsville Suburban Nursing home is comfortable nursing home where your loved ones will enjoy every minute of their stay here. We make sure to only deliver the best care to all our residents irrespective of their condition, age, gender or temperament. So if you’re looking for a Nursing Home that will give you peace of mind and will ensure the successful rehabilitation and care of your loved one then look no further than Williamsville Suburban. Compassionate care at its very best.

Please look closely for our new and upcoming dementia care unit which will include some of these sensory activities, and several other activities for residents with dementia. Activities  such as active games, theme days, crafts, relaxation massages and more.

Family participation is always welcomed, as we look forward to the support and feedback of family members. Trust Williamsville Suburban to look after your loved one in a caring and compassionate manner. Contacts us today and let’s arrange a time so we can show you our facilities that include the activities we offer at Williamsville Suburban.

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Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home is owned and managed by Safire Care LLC. You can visit their website following this link