Our facility

Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home is proud to offer an excellent opportunity for individuals with various physical conditions and medical complications to receive the health care they require for their comfort and recovery, and re-entry into the community. Our number one priority is for our residents to feel at home and we will do everything in our power to make their stay a pleasant one.

Our facility is recognized as having one if the most clinically advanced therapy departments in the Western New York area. We are known for successfully rehabilitating medically complex patients. Among the disciplines of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, our team has developed various programs to meet the needs of our patients with multiple medical challenges including: Fall Prevention, Cardiopulmonary Interventions, Neurological Rehab, Orthopedic Rehab, Speech and Language Therapy and Wound Care. 

Located in in the heart of Williamsville, NY, Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home is close to many of the major buffalo area hospitals from which we draw the majority of patients in need of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.

Our 220-bed facility offers a host of amenities – such as, fine dining, daily choice of menu selections, cable, a beauty salon, in-house laundry services, and activities geared toward engaging the mind and body. All of our rooms offer spacious accommodations with each room having its own adjoining bathroom. Residents are encouraged to decorate their room with personal items to make it as home-like as possible.